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Ways to get best prepared for your H&H puppy:

A good crate is a must. It will make for the easiest transition while crate training, to take puppy right next to your bed at eye level with you when you go to sleep for the night. Usually a chair works great to set the crate on top of if your bedside table isn't large enough to do so. It's important not to separate baby from yourselves at night as they are going to find comfort in you. You will more than likely have to sleep with your hand in the crate for the first few nights so they know they aren't alone and you are still there when the lights go out. You will become the new "pack" members and leaders, so it is extremely important that you don't segregate baby in his/her crate at night from you. It's also nice to buy a crate with a divider like the one I've linked, this way you only need to purchase one crate for a while instead of multiple as puppy grows.


I really like this one its a "kit" which makes it simple and easy:


Food. Babies are being raised on Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. I will send home some food with them, but its best to buy some ahead of time.


Here is the link to the food:

Forti-flora. I send all babies home with a packet of a probiotic called forti-flora. This helps babies so much as they transition into their new home. When puppies stress the first thing affected is their gut system, so sprinkling HALF a packet of forti-flora on their food once a day in the morning helps to boost the immune system and also helps keep those stools solid instead of turning to stress diarrhea. This makes any accidents much less stressful for everyone! I recommend only using forti-flora for the first few transition days to instill babies intestinal tract stays healthy during the move.


Here is the link to Forti-flora:


 NuVet, K-9 wafers. I will send home plenty of information about NuVet with you, but it's important that you order it BEFORE you come to pick up your baby. One tablet a day is given, broken over food. I generally like to give forti-flora in the morning sprinkled on food and NuVet broken over food at night. Once your puppy is bigger you can feed NuVet as a treat whenever it works for you! NuVet is an AMAZING supplement packed with vitamins and essential goodness that our dogs don't get from regular dog food. It helps so much for immune systems in our dogs to ensure they stay happy and healthy for a lifetime. It also helps them to create a stronger hair coat, reduce shedding, and so much more for them, including keeping their joints healthy and strong, fighting any allergies that may arise with age, keeping energy level up in older dogs, and just all around giving you a happier healthy version of your baby for their entire life.

We have a special order code that you will order with: 32831 You can only order NuVet through someone registered with an order code like us as a breeder, or some great veterinarians who also have order codes.


Here is a link to our webpage all about NuVet, you are able to order right from our website:

Brushes. I have used every brush imaginable, but I recently found this awesome interchangeable brush for all the hair needs! It is awesome and such a great deal.

Here is the link to the brushes I use:


Shampoo & grooming. I try to use as natural products as possible when it comes to bathing. Dogs' skin can be very sensitive and I prefer my babies skin to be happily hydrated and not itchy and dried out from using harmful products. I love Isle of Dogs everyday, specifically the silky oatmeal shampoo for my adults and babies!

Here is the link to the shampoo:

Toys. It is important to make sure babies have plenty of safe toys at their disposal at all times. This will help keep them from using you or your shoes as their chew toy. I like to order a large batch of toys from Amazon which lasts for a great while for each adult. The puppies go through them quicker as teething is their most favorite pastime until they get their adult teeth. I like to avoid toys with squeakers and small pieces until dogs are able to be trusted not to ingest every tiny thing they chew off toys. Be sure to take any toys away if they start to be chewed into smaller pieces that could be harmful if ingested. This will save you a trip to the vet office for any emergencies!


Here is a link to a "kit" of toys I usually purchase myself:


I will send your baby home with a blanket that smells like momma and siblings to help ease the transition. Lots of toys, AKC registration papers are also provided. I will send home information about crate training, puppy development, a detailed feeding schedule, and printed questions and my answers to families most asked questions. And of course if you have other questions that aren't included in the packet or would like to discuss any of them further please don't hesitate to reach out :)

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